After sixty years in business, Gregg Frame Studio recognizes that personalized service is the key to quality custom framing. Our consultants will work with you one-on-one to determine the best possible framing solutions for your project, responding creatively to your individual needs. Our mission is to deliver professional craftsmanship, employing a meticulous eye for detail, using the highest-quality frame stock selection available.

"I decided that we were going to put all our energy into offering the highest quality framing we could, both in terms of design and in the construction and longevity of our products... We needed to create a distinctive house style, where we would be very critical of the products our suppliers provide us, displaying only those of the highest quality and most distinctive look. We are constantly re-evaluating what framing materials we should offer, always looking to improve, always looking for new and interesting designs that excite us and our customers."

- Ryan DeLapp, Owner

Being able to choose from our extensive selection of frames (we have over two thousand unique styles on display), mats, and glass, allows you to create an exclusive, one of a kind design that not only complements your room decor, but also enhances the visual appeal of your artwork.

Mass-produced frames made with inexpensive, non-archival materials, will warp and degrade over time, devaluing or destroying the work they are supposed to be protecting. When you give your work to Gregg Frame Studio, your frames will be physically assembled in-house, entirely with archival materials, by an experienced professional. Our services provide the attention to detail that is impossible with mass-produced frames.

Conservation framing can preserve the monetary and sentimental value of family history and memorabilia for years to come. A quality custom frame will allow irreplaceable artwork, photographs, and mementos to become heirlooms for the wall that can be passed down for generations.

Gregg Frame Studio is committed to helping you get your framing projects done right, so that they last. We appreciate the trust you put in our service when you leave your artwork in our hands.